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Cristaff® specializes in designing premium and unique custom personalized stationery (stationary) with letterpress printing. Through striking and bold design, extraordinary materials, and a fresh color palette, Cristaff enables you to express and reflect inspiration that extends beyond words.

Now we will begin to gather important information that will help us understand your wishes, desires, and vision regarding your custom personalized (personalised) fine stationery.

After receiving your online correspondence form a Cristaff Creative Consultant will contact you to schedule an initial consultation. After the consultation, and with your approval, we will charge a design fee to your credit card and begin the design process. The design fee covers the time and materials used in preparing two original designs for your stationery. This fee is non-refundable. The design fee will vary depending upon how many different stationery elements will comprise your order. We will proactively share the design fee with you.

After the initial two original designs are complete a proof of all of the elements of your custom stationery will be provided to you in a PDF format. At that time we will also provide to you the total cost to produce your custom stationery order. The cost to produce the custom stationery is separate from the design fee.

After you have reviewed your custom stationery design you may request any revisions that need to be made. Your Cristaff Creative Consultant will make the revisions and provide new proofs in a PDF format for you to review.

Only after you are completely satisfied with your final proof, and your custom personalized stationery is exactly the way you want it to be, will your Cristaff Creative Consultant e-mail to you a final approval clearance request for you to sign (electronically). You will be asked to approve your custom personalized stationery for production.

After Cristaff receives your final approval clearance it will charge your credit card the full cost to produce your custom personalized stationery and begin production. Upon completion of production your custom personalized stationery will be shipped to you.

Custom design services for personalized stationery require a minimum order of 500 sheets of writing paper, or 500 folded cards, or a stationery set comprised of both 500 sheets of writing paper and 500 folded cards. One of the existing fully-lined envelopes from Cristaff's current lined envelope collection is included. Creating a new and unique lined envelope for your personalized stationery is also available for an additional fee.

Cristaff owns and maintains exclusive rights to any and all of its design work.

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